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PN InsuranceExpert™

PN InsuranceExpert™

A State-of-the-Art, Insurance Value Chain Software Platform

Think Outside the Box

Go beyond the four walls of your enterprise
and include entities within your entire
business ecosystem.

Streamline Your Workflow

From quote to policy administration, claims and premium audit, one comprehensive platform addressing all your needs.


Comprehensive Access

Enable policy, billing, and claims visibility for agents, policyholders, claimants and business partners/vendors.

About PN InsuranceExpert™

PN InsuranceExpert is an insurance value chain software platform that includes core policy administration, billing, claims and reinsurance management, along with business rule and workflow engines, a rating/underwriting engine, document management, and business intelligence. Additionally, the platform seamlessly integrates with our InsurePay Pay-As-You-Go and DecisionUR Utilization Review products.

The platform also allows carriers to interact with policy holders, claimants, law firms, independent attorneys, fraud investigation companies, health care providers, third-party auditors, MGAs, agencies, producers, and more. Our proprietary technology allows carriers to benefit from significant efficiency gains by extending self-service capabilities to outside entities. The full insurance value chain is addressed by processing the needs of carriers beyond the four walls of their enterprise.

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Features of PN InsuranceExpert:

  • Multi-company support - multiple underwriting companies, multiple claims processing companies
  • One stop agency portal for agents – prospects, applications,quotes, policies, commissions, renewals, cancellations, claims summaries
  • Comprehensive policy lifecycle management including out-of-sequence endorsements
  • Highly configurable, rules based underwriting engine
  • Full management of premium audit lifecycle - interim, final, disputes, revisions
  • Integrated document management
  • Workflow and business rules engines
  • Forms/Letters configurator
  • Premium and service billing management
  • Robust claims management with 50 state EDI and reporting compliance
  • Customer, claimant and business partner portals
  • Real time business analytics and enterprise reporting
  • Reinsurance management

The PN InsuranceExpert suite consists of the following modules: PN PolicyExpert, PN QuoteExpert, PN BillingExpert, PN ClaimsExpert, PN ReinsuranceExpert along with our Customer, Claimant and Business Partner Portals.

Carriers, MGAs/MGUs, TPAs, and self-insured's/municipalities can either implement the full PN InsuranceExpert suite, or implement modules individually and interface with existing solutions. This state-of-the-art modular approach provides custom-matched functionality that:

  • Increases speed-to-market
  • Provides better support for the agent distribution network
  • Increases operational efficiencies
  • Increases customer acquisition and retention
  • Improves claims handling
  • Reduces ongoing cost of ownership

PN InsuranceExpert Modules

PN InsuranceExpert is fully modular, giving carriers, MGAs/MGUs, TPAs, and self-insured's/municipalities a choice to either implement the full PN InsuranceExpert suite, or implement modules individually and interface with existing solutions.

Insurance Expert Module Modules

PN QuoteExpert™

PN QuoteExpert provides insurance carriers and MGAs with a one-stop portal for their agents.

Out-of-the-box integration with underwriting, policy administration, billing, and claims means that the carrier or MGA is able to offer its agents a 360-degree view of their business. Agents are presented with comprehensive dashboards that provide summary and detail views of quotes, applications, policies, endorsements, bills, payments, commissions and claims.

PN PolicyExpert™

PN PolicyExpert, the underwriting and policy administration module of PN InsuranceExpert™, provides insurance carriers and MGAs/MGUs with comprehensive underwriting and policy administration tools.

The underwriting engine is highly configurable and supports algorithms for all 50 states. Intuitive design enables administrators to quickly add new insurance products, without intervention by the development team.

End users can easily manage the policy lifecycle by utilizing integrated dashboards and comprehensive views of all policy transactions, including policy issue, endorsements, internal changes, out-of-sequence endorsements, cancellations, reinstatements, renewals, and audits.

PN BillingExpert™

PN BillingExpert provides powerful billing and accounting tools to insurance carriers and MGAs/MGUs.

Policy and premium audit transactions generate billing records ensuring that the data never gets out of sync. Dynamic billing plans and pricing rules provide flexibility in supporting various business arrangements, while comprehensive reporting tools provide transactional reports, business summary reports, customer statements, AR ledgers, and aged trial balance.

With complete support for bills, credit memos, manual invoices, bill reviews and approvals, cash application, refunds, EFT and lockbox processing, collections, write-offs, commission payables, and GL support, PN BillingExpert maximizes efficiencies within carrier and MGA/MGU finance departments.

PN ClaimsExpert™

PN ClaimsExpert is the claims administration and loss reporting module providing insurance carriers, TPAs, and self-insured's with robust claims management utilities. The module also provides support for all IAIABC levels and EDI edits for all 50 states out of the box.

Claims lifecycle transactions are maintained and viewed in an innovative, floating dashboard that provides one click access to all claim details, including compensability, awards, reserves, subrogation, litigation, bills, drug bills, payments, diary, notes, document management, claims transfer and excess. PN ClaimsExpert supports medical case management, nurse billing, third-party bill review, and drug bill review. Integration with the Business Rules engine provides automated reserving, diary entry, and claims notation, ensuring the data always remains up-to-date.

PN ReinsuranceExpert™

PN ReinsuranceExpert module integrates seamlessly with PN PolicyExpert and PN ClaimsExpert for fast and accurate calculations of ceded premiums and losses. It provides a robust capability to generate session statements and bordereaux reporting.

PN ReinsuranceExpert is loosely coupled with PN InsuranceExpert, allowing it to be easily integrated or interfaced with external policy and claim solutions.