Reinventing Insurance Through Innovation at Patriot Technology Solutions

From Melissa Silverberg at Profile Magazine:

When Patriot National created its subsidiary, Patriot Technology Solutions, it looked to Judith Haddad, who’s shaping the industry’s future with innovation.

Judith Haddad never thought of herself as an entrepreneur. She spent most of her career working as a technologist in the insurance industry, pushing her colleagues toward adopting new technology, most recently as executive vice president and chief information and technology officer at Patriot National.

But, then it was time for a change. After six years leading the IT department from within a major insurance company, Haddad was asked to lead Patriot Technology Solutions (PatTech) as a wholly owned subsidiary of an insurance services holding company.

“It has given me the opportunity to take a step back, take a blank piece of paper and draw this out from the beginning,” says Haddad, who is now president and chief information officer at the new company that provides technology products and solutions for insurance carriers. “Who are we? What do we want to be when we grow up? What is important to the organization? How can we mature and grow? It’s been a tremendous experience,” she says.

Starting from the ground up isn’t always easy, but Haddad says it is a model that works. “It’s a complex model, but in my opinion it’s a brilliant model,” Haddad says, referring to the technology company being created as a subsidiary of Patriot National, the Florida-based technology outsourcing and insurance services company.

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