PN ClaimsAlert™

PN ClaimsAlert™ is a web-based system and mobile application that streamlines incident reporting. With the touch of a button, PN ClaimsAlert™ allows employees to report an incident to their employer and insurance carrier from any mobile device, at any time, from anywhere, vastly minimizing incident reporting time. This gives companies the ability to evaluate incidents much more quickly, and potentially close them out before they become claims.

Interactive and user-friendly dashboards give insurance carriers insight into employer practices. PN ClaimsAlert's metrics and analytics allow underwriters to evaluate incidents and refine underwriting guidelines to help mitigate future risk. The dashboards also allow employers to view incident reports for their entire workforce, helping them identify problem areas before they become issues.

PN ClaimsAlert provides employers and underwriters with the necessary tools to streamline incident reporting:

  • Employer dashboard – view injury reports from your entire workforce
  • Carrier dashboard – get insights into employer practices and risk
  • Mobile application – report incidents from anywhere in the world
  • Seamless integration with FROI processes

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